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created April 01 2020
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Here is what I have been using to great success (all for 0.4mm nozzle). Sliced in Prusaslicer 2.1: 0.28 2 perimeters 4 top and bottom layers 0 infill No brim, skirt, or raft (adds to print time and post processing time) No support material (doesn’t need it anyway) Speed settings-- these are what I use, but if you need to run slower or can run faster that is also ok! We just want to make these as fast as possible! 100mm/s perimeters, 80mm/s small perimeters, 60mm/s external perimeters, 45mm/s solid infill, 30mm/s top solid infill, 10mm/s first layer (needs to stick well at high speeds) Thank you so much for helping us combat Coronavirus. Every last print counts!

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