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created June 06 2018
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3DXPro™ Low-Gloss PETG is a specialty grade of PETG that offers a low-gloss, high-tech look. The low-gloss helps hide the layer lines and offers a more "technical look" to the parts as compared to higher gloss filaments. We love printing with PETG, but sometimes we don't want the part to look like a shiny toy. Our low-gloss PETG is perfect for applications that require the performance of PETG, but a more sophisticated fit and finish. Please Note: Our Low-Gloss PETG prints much differently than standard PETG. Please make sure to review the print settings below before printing with this filament. Benefits of 3DXMAX® Low-Gloss PETG include: Low-gloss sheen - excellent finish Superior Chemical Resistance vs. ABS BPA Free Amorphous: Low shrink and warp Low moisture absorption: 3X lower vs. ABS Very low odor emitted during printing Military Inspired Tactical Colors Matte Black Arctic White Light Sand Flat Dark Earth Battleship Grey Graphite Blaze Orange (Pretty Ridiculous Ultra Super Awesome Orange) PRUSA Orange General Print Recommendations: Extruder Temp: Low Gloss PETG does NOT printer the same as standard PETG. Ideal extruder temp is 260 to 280°C, or higher depending on your printer / thermocouple set-up - some users report requiring temps up to 290°C to obtain optimal layer bonding. The low-gloss additive in this material requires a higher extruder temp to achieve good layer bonding than you usually use for standard PETG. You may need to increase nozzle temps by 20°C or higher than standard PETG settings if you have layer bonding issues. Platform Temp: 60 - 80°C Platform Prep: Clean glass w/ Kapton Tape, PVA-based glue, or hairspray Support: Our Aquatek water soluble support works great to create complex parts. This support can be found HERE. Drying Instructions: Please see the following instructions for when you want to dry out this filament, HERE.

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