Pretty CFABS V1

Posted by strandAdmin
created January 05 2020
downloads: 43

Description: Wanting to print some sexy CF ABS prints??? I got you! Pretty CFABS has hit the market and it's amazing. Rigid and strong parts. You must have an enclosure and I'm using Vision Minor bed adhesive because CF ABS does not want to stick to the textured bed. I do recommend an enclosure with an internal temp of about 35C to keep the parts from shrinking and warping. This profile is for a stock MK3/s and if you have a BMG or similar printer using LA 1.5 then use a K value of 0.05 and it'll work smashingly. Please note that this will shred a brass nozzle so the temps are for a Nozzle X or Vanadium style nozzle which you need to print this stuff.

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