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created January 11 2020
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Description: Wolfgang's Now after many successful prints i think its the time to share my profile 🙂 The profile is a remix and many hours of testing and tuning. So some gcode and ideas are taken from other community profiles. It is optimized for quality. but its about 40% faster than stock (depends on the model). The speed goes up to 200 mm/s for infill but its limited by the volumetric speed. With the Mosquito Magnum i can use 20 mm3/s without a problem. For the non Magnum Mosquito you need to lower the volumetric speed. 15 mm3/s should be OK. Set this under print settings -> Speed -> Max volumetric speed. I will release my "Speed" profile the next days. My machine config: Full Bear Bondtech Extruder with Mosquito Magnum Slice Heater 50W Slice High Temperature Thermistor Firmware FW381-Build1571948013-1_75mm_MK3S-Bondtech-16-SliceHT-EINSy10a-E3Dv6full.hex Feedback higly welcome! 🙂 Update: I use a LA15 FW. So you need to adjust your K value if you dont use LA15. But i highly recommend to use LA15 🙂

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