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https://www.facebook.com/groups/prusacommunity/permalink/1250465491960847 from above link: "It seems like there are several people trying to print PolyCarbonate lately. I recently created this profile for PushPlastic PC and it works really well for me. Just have to dehydrate the filament thoroughly first, and use a powdercoated or garolite build surface. This profile uses custom gcode to adjust for flow. The extrusion multiplier is set to 1, and the esteps are tuned in the start gcode. The line where this is done is commented, and should read "M92 EXXX" if you want to change it for your machine. Also, this profile is built based on Jason Foss's Polymax PC profile. I added the slightest bit of fan for really small details with low layer times. In general, the fan stays off while printing."

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