GREENTEC PRO Carbon by Extrudr

Speed: 60-180mm/s mm/s Printing Temperature: 200-240°C °C Print Bed Temperature : 0-90°C °C RAL Color: RAL9017 carbon GREENTEC PRO Carbon an organic material that combines the best of two worlds - our biodegradable filament GreenTEC Pro, made from sustainable resources, and the strength of high-performance carbon fibers. Used for various applications in motorsports, aerospace or medical, carbon is in many cases the best solution. It’s lightweight, resistant to high temperatures and creates a much higher stiffness if added to polymer materials. High Durability Lightweight Temperature Resistant up to 165°C (Vicat VST) UV Resistant like ASA REACH & Rohs Hardened steel nozzle and min. nozzle diameter of 0,5mm is recommended